Incense sticks from Nepal & Tibet

Nepalese & Tibetan incense sticks

Joss stick and burn incense products from the region nepal an tibet are famous for their high quality - here you find only the best of this traditional handicraft of these smoke products. Burn incense products from this elevated region in southeast asia have longstanding history that goes back to the 7th century.
A characteristic part of joss-sticks and burn incense from nepal are especially the handpicked herbs from which many of them are unknown to us in europe. All joss sticks are lovingly handmade, hand rolled and then dried, before a small but fine selection departs on to the journey into your home.
Our choice of smoke incense from nepal contains 100% natural Himalaya joss sticks as well as joss sticks made after old buddhist-tibetan recipes. The exceptional quality from these nepalese smoke products will surprise and enchant you!

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