Woven bedspreads

Handwoven cotton bedspreads `kerala`

Woven for you in the land of the coconut palm-trees.
Hand-woven these wonderful fabrics are great as day blanket or bedspread. They also invite to snuggle up on the couch or in the armchair because theyve made of soft cotton wool. Typical for these colorful blunts are the long fringes on two ends of the blankets. here you can guess how many single strings are necessary for the production of such an elaborate blanket.
In Kerala, a federal state at the Malabar-coast in the southwest of india, these blankets are traditionally handcrafted. The name Kerala means literally "Land of the coconut-palm-trees", coming from the malayalam-words "kera" for coconut-palm-tree and "alma" for land, because the coconut palm tree is found everywhere in this region.
Combined with our matching and colorful cushions, pillow cases, floor cushions, curtains and mosquito nets you can create your own individual indian corner in your apartment.

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