Baskets & rattan bags

Handmade rattan bags & baskets

Our baskets and wickerwork-bags are indispensable helpers for shopping and household. All items are handworked and elaborately braided and stand out with their durability and high quality. The baskets and basket-bags are made of palm-grass, bast and colored plastic threads - whereby the braid-materials are carefully worked into each other. Braid-art is almost completely without tools and many centuries old.
Because all baskets, basket-bags and rattan-bags are handmade, each item is a real individual unicum. The robust bags are suitable as shopper and can also be used as shoulder- or handbag. Also at home they are quite practical and look great as vegetable or bread basket on the table. In the closed baskets with lid you can put all sorts of bits and pieces that need to be out the way.

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Sehr schön für den Sommer. Sehr schön mit einer farbigen Tasche im Inneren, in der die kleinen Dinge aufbewahrt werden. Ich bin mit meinem Kauf zufrieden.

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