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Don´t want to miss interesting new arrivals? Be the first who gets to know! Our practical funktions will keep you up to date.

In the right navigation bar you will find a button "New arrivals". After clicking on it, you will see the latest arrivals from all product groups. We are also happy to inform you by e-mail. Of course, you decide for yourself what interests you. After registering for this service, you will receive an email about every 14 days with the goods receipts relevant for you.

If you want to use the service, you can easily set this in your user account. After registration you will find a note under the description in each product group, which you only need to click if you are interested in similar products.

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The product selection can be limited by means of different filters according to your wishes. Only items that meet your requirements will be displayed.

Information on orders, invoices, shipping status and shipment tracking
After you have logged into your user account, you can view or print out all invoices of the recent 6 months or re-order products from old invoices via a link. To get an overview of already shipped goods and outstanding deliveries, you can create a current backorder list.

You will also find the current status of your order in your user account, including all information on incoming payments, shipping status and shipment tracking. Our tracking has a real time connection with our company server and is therefore up to date around the clock.