Small boxes & caskets

Caskets, jewel boxes and small wooden boxes

Our wood and wine boxes and chests offer a lot of space for many important things. All boxes are made in india and are lovingly decorated and ornamented with brass, wood-carvings and hand-painted motives. Here you can find the most impressive models that we have found for you on our trips to india. Because each box is individually handcrafted each single one is a real unicum and contains many hours of work which makes them seem very alive and gives them a special character.
You can choose between multifunctional wood cases, small treasure chests, pen cases, color boxes, paper dispenser or wine-chests. The wine and champagne chests, made of durable acacia wood, are stylish alternatives to commercial bottle and wine racks of plastic and metal and offer space for up to six bottles.
Aside from countless possets for storage, these boxes and chest are super decorative and artful accessories which fulfill more then just a storage purpose.

*All prices include VAT and service (charge) and exclusive of shipping costs. Offer good while supplies last. Errors and omissions excepted.