Brocade bedspreads

bedspreads made from brocadecloth

in India brocade fabric is said to be auspicious!
And indeed it is luck that we can experience when we snuggle up with these cuddly, soft and noble blankets, shawls and bedspreads.
Very classy are these handworked day blankets and bedspreads made with he classic patchwork technique. Lovingly velvet and brocade fabric patches are out together and sewed up with unicolored cotton wool. In india silk brocade is meant to enhance luck. Because of its finery and elegance it not only finds usage for clothes and festive sarrees. There are many wonderful accessories like bags, belts, bed & pillow covers, cushion cases, wall hangings and beautiful curtains made of brocade.
Day blankets in this style are traditionally and elaborately handmade for hundreds of years in Rajasthan / India. Because of the noble quality of brocade the blankets must be handled with care and can only be washed by hand.
Are you looking for something more easy to wash? Then also take a look at our machine washable day-blankets, bedspreads and shawls.

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