Musical instruments

Drums, Rattles, Didgeridoos, Kalimbas

Our drums, rattles and didgeridoos are elaborately made out of exotic woods and create beautiful and outlandish sound structures.
The didgeridoo has its origin among north-australian aborigines and is played similar to the traditional brass instruments. The instrument is made out of the stem of the eucalyptus-tree and develops through the hollowing of the stem through termites. It is equipped with a mouth piece and elaborately painted.
The djemble comes from west-africa and is made of a hollow tree trunk which is covered with goatskin / fur so that it makes a drum. The djemble is always beaten with the hands and offers a wide sound spectrum that enables the use as solo instrument as well as in a ensemble.
Rattles are filled with small beads and are easily used by holding them in the hands and shaking them rhythmically. They are used in almost all cutlets for musical celebrations and delight young and old.