Candles, scent oils, soaps

Scent oil, soap, perfumes & wash nuts

Candles, oils and soaps with their various and versatile smells contribute to our sense of well being very much. The atmosphere of candle light is cosy and relaxing and with a subtle scent or fragrance we can purposely influence and stabilize our mood and condition. Depending on the scent nuance aroma candles can be refreshing, balancing as well as clarifying or even infatuating. For magical smell atmospheres for body care we have exclusive fragrant stones from thailand and bali for you.
Also try our gentle massage oils, which come with the most beautiful aromas. The high quality oils will spoil your skin and moisturize it so it will feel really soft and smooth and at the same time enchant with magical smells. Massage oils are suitable for the daily body-care as well as for sensual couple your phantasy should know no boundaries!
Out candles, oils and soaps are made of natural materials, which is also suitable for most people with sensitive skin.

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