Henna decoration lighting

Ceiling lamps made from leather with hennabemalung

Take a look at our big selection of the most beautiful henna ceiling lights, handcrafted in traditional and classic oriental style.
All of our henna lamps are made by small manufacturers in North Africa.
In Morocco traditional craftsmanship is still alive and local artisans put a lot of creativity and talent into their work. In this process, the corpus is forged from iron and then covered with goat skin. This leather, which has no smell at all, is first dyed and then painted with traditional motifs and patterns. Only natural pigment colors and henna dye are being used.
Distinctive colors let our lamps radiate a soothing and warm light. Immerse your home with the Oriental Light of "onethousend and one night"! But our lampes aren´t just great at night, even during the day their great design and mystical style will catch your eye!

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