bollywoodearrings & earrings made of wood, bones or shells

You are looking for exceptional creoles, ear studs or earrings? Then you are just right here! With this glamorous jewelry the choice is not easy.
We have selected the most beautiful earrings, all lovingly handmade, for you. These splendid bollywood-earrings are great for lovers of colorful india films. Our earrings made of bone and wood impress with imaginative shapes and are handcarved and therefore each one is a real unicum!
Our wood-earrings with silver unite fine ebony with fine silver edging. Pla- and colorful - that are our earrings made of mussels and permute, which go especially well with summery outfits like a tunic or a light blouse.
All earrings have one thing in common: They are exceptional ear jewelry that strikes the eye!

*All prices include VAT and service (charge) and exclusive of shipping costs. Offer good while supplies last. Errors and omissions excepted.